Governor Cooper may have relaxed restrictions, but we ask that you remain vigilant and mindful of others. In an attempt to decrease wait times, our entry control system is limited to between 8am and 9am.  Because there is more crowding inside the market, masks and face coverings are strongly recommended, particularly if you find yourself having difficulty maintaining adequate social distancing. Please follow our updated safety procedures below:

  1. Stay home if you are sick. 

  2. We encourage everyone to pre-order and/pre-pay, then pick up later on Saturday morning. Click HERE for a list of those vendors who facilitate pre-orders/online shopping. This is strongly recommended for members of a vulnerable group (elderly, disabled, immuno-compromised, pregnant, etc).

  3. The market will start as usual at 8 am. Until that time, our entrances will be cordoned off.  Out of fairness to other customers, please remain in line and do not leave your bag to save a space. We ask for your patience and cooperation as you wait, always standing 6 feet apart. 

  4. At 8 am the bell will be rung and a member of staff will allow customers into the market.

  5. The entry control sign will be removed at 9 am to enable customers to move freely in and out of the market.

  6. We love bringing families together, however please consider sending only one member of your family to shop. This will help keep lines and crowding to a minimum.

  7. Our main aim is to keep people moving quickly, so we ask that you leave the market as soon as you’ve made your purchase/s.

  8. If you are unable to attend the market, please contact vendors directly, so you can work out an alternative pick-up/delivery option.

  9. While inside the market, please refrain from touching others and ensure that at least 6 feet is between you and the next person. If you can both reach out and touch each other’s hands, then you’re too close.

  10. Please adhere to the orange social distancing lines painted on the ground and any signs directing where to wait in line at the vendor booths.

  11. We ask for your help in keeping certain spots in the market free of crowding. If you see several people lined up at one vendor's booth, please consider completing your other shopping before joining that line, especially if you've already pre-ordered with that vendor. 

  12. Please do not touch or handle the products. Instead, point at what you want and let the vendors package your purchases.

  13. There are hand washing stations set up on the central patio for your use, in addition to hand sanitizers at both entrances and several vendor booths.

  14. There will be no sampling of products.

  15. The Community House will be closed to customers.

  16. Please note our new safety precautions at the peach stand. The area directly in front of the entrance to the community house will be divided down the middle with traffic cones and safety tape. Please line up to the left of the traffic cones and follow the arrows. The area to the right is set aside for customers leaving with their purchases. We ask that you do not handle the peaches. They arrive earlier that morning and have already been checked for quality by our volunteers.  Please point to the bag you want, pay by cash or credit card, then a volunteer will hand you your purchase.

  17. A separate table situated at the bottom right side of the steps will be manned by another volunteer who can help you with market information, SNAP, ice-pops and bottled water sales. Please do not touch the freezer, but allow a staff member to retrieve the ice-pop for you. We are now also accepting credit card payments.  




Mecklenburg County Stay At Home Order 

NC Governor Roy Cooper Latest Stay At Home Order and FAQs

Mecklenburg County Department of Health

Mecklenburg County Coronavirus Hotline: 980-314-9400.

Emergency Food Access Map & Resources


CDC information sheet


Click HERE for Instructions on how to make homemade sanitizer. 

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