Herb Plants

Culinary and ornamental herbs, perennials and nectar plants

Returning 5/1/21

Carlea pecan eggs.jpg

 Seasonal produce, free-range chicken eggs, naturally-raised, non-GMO fed pork, peonies, pecans

Return date unknown

honey and bunny.jpg

Local raw honey, honey products and beeswax products

Fox Trot lamb.jpg

Pasture-raised lamb

 free-range chicken eggs handmade soaps


Attends Fall & Winter 

Laughing Owl.2.jpg

Seasonal produce, micro-greens, whole chicken; free-range eggs

North State Hostas

Assorted hostas

Occasional vendor


USDA Certified organic, Grass-fed beef

Occasional vendor

greenhouse tomatoes.png
Stumpf Gourmet Tomatoes

Hothouse tomatoes

Carolina shelled pecans


Fresh mushrooms including oyster, shiitake, maitake, trumpet and Lion's Mane


100% Grass-Fed Beef





double up farm needle felt art.jpg

Elderberry products; wool hand-spun from vendor's sheep, wool dryer balls, hand knitted items, needle felt art, hand-dyed items; cloth face masks

Glen Meadow Farms2_edited.jpg

Raw local honey

Returning August 2021 


Seasonal produce, free-range duck and chicken eggs

Nut Hill misc.jpg
Nut Hill Farm

Seasonal Produce

Single Acre flowers.jpg

Fresh cut flowers, blackberries, raw honey,

 occasional seasonal vegetables and herbs

jam gift set.jpg

Homestead jams and jellies

whisper creek.jpg

Naturally-raised pork

Free-range eggs

Big Oak2.jpg
Big Oaks Natural Farm

Seasonal produce, free-range chicken eggs, 

Figs New Town.jpg

 Blueberries, blackberries, figs, pears, muscadine grapespecans, pumpkins, seasonal vegetables

Occasional vendor


Naturally-raised, non-GMO-fed lamb, chicken, turkey and pork

Seasonal vegetables

Hot pepper2.jpg

Seasonal produce, fruits and berries, vegetable and herb plants

CSA available

New Town Farm3.jpg

Seasonal produce, free-range chicken eggs, chicken, pork and turkeys (Thanksgiving)

Peaceful Meadows3.jpg

100%grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork and chicken, free-range chicken eggs. Seasonal Produce

Blueberries, blackberries


Street Fare Farm2.jpg

*New Vendor*

Beginning 4/10/21

Seasonal produce


Free-range chicken eggs

CSA available

veggies tega hills.jpg

Hydroponic lettuces, micro-greens, tomatoes and other assorted produce

CSA available

kohlrabi and carrots wild hope.jpg

USDA certified organic seasonal produce, fresh cut flower bouquets and free-range chicken eggs

CSA available

Fresh Seafood

Fresh-caught NC seafood, including fish and shrimp

Returning May 2021

Makers of Artisan Baked Goods Prepared Foods & Drinks

beverly's tomato pie.jpg

Artisan baked goods, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free prepared foods and baked items

Cairn coffee2.jpg

*New Occasional Vendor* starting 4/10/21

Locally roasted coffee

(available in bags of beans or ground)

Ernies bbq4.jpg

Smoked meat products (pulled pork, chicken, chicken wings, brisket, meatloaf) and sides


*New Vendor*

Starting 4/10/21

Gourmet cookies, brownies and rice cereal treats

Weekly boxes


Pepper jellies, southern chow chow, nut brittles

Toro Loco4.jpg

Fresh salsa and guacamole


Granola, granola bars, granola chocolate truffles, granola chocolate bark


Handmade, fresh tomato sauces


Artisanal  gluten-free baked goods: breads, bread mixes, rolls, pretzels, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, bars, cookies

JF Chocolat.jpg

*New Occasional Vendor*

Starting 4/10/21

Artisanal chocolate confections/gift boxes/novelty items


Artisan baked goods


Handcrafted cheeses, yogurts, butter, pasta

bun appetit4.jpg

Artisan cinnamon buns

Corrado Gelato3.jpg

*New Vendor*

Starting 4/10/21

Artisanal gelato and sorbet

good cup3.jpg

Gourmet coffee and drinks


*New Vendor*

Starting 4/24/21

Artisanal sweet and savory hand pies

Team Rose Bread4.jpg

Artisan, naturally leavened breads, bagels and doughnuts


Artisan breads, bagels,

English Muffins


Artisan Crafters

Amy Hart2.jpeg

Found object/metal sculptures

Occasional vendor returning 2021 season

For the birds5.jpeg
For the Birds

Hand crafted species-specific bird houses

Returning 2021 season on 4/10/21

Old Hickory Woodcarver2.jpg

*New Occasional Vendor*

Starting 4/17/21

Hand carved, fine wood pieces; furniture repair and refinishing

Carolina Chair and Baskets

Hand woven baskets, chair caning and hand decorated gourds

Frog Crossing8.jpg

Hand crafted pottery

spa set2.jpg

Hand made natural soaps, spa sets and toiletries 

Returning as Full-Time Vendor on 4/17/21

Dove Pottery19.jpg

Hand crafted pottery

Winter Season Only

Wood Madison.jpg

Hand carved, fine wood pieces

Returning April 2021 as occasional vendor

stone thrown3.jpg

Hand crafted pottery

 Occasional vendor 2021