Saturday, may 15, 2021, 8AM-NOON

Vendors, Products & Weekly Happenings

Please note: cooking demonstrations have been placed on hold due to COVID-19. Please watch this space for updates.

Updated 5/13/21 

Updated 5/13/21 




  • Until the bell rings at 8am, we ask that you remain outside the market. In light of Governor Cooper's recent relaxation of restrictions (Executive Order 209), we will no longer be having an entry control system. The sign will be removed once the bell is rung and customers will be free to move in and out of the market.

  • As we move towards fewer restrictions, we are asking you to keep wearing your mask at the market. We may be an open-air setting, but social distancing in certain areas of the market is near impossible. 

  • If you see crowding or several people lined up at one vendor's booth, try completing your other shopping before joining that line, especially if you've already pre-ordered with that vendor.

  • Avoid lines by pre-ordering and picking up later in the morning.

  • Remember to show grace to others as we navigate this new phase. Thank you!




Look forward to our Annual Peach Fundraiser in JUNE! Watch this space for more details.




Local musicians Asher and Elliot will be jammin' on their base and electric guitar between 9 and 11am on the central patio. 


Another reason to come down and enjoy your happy place at MCFM!

Asher and Elliot4 .png

Did You Know...?


...Chefs are a catalyst for the market's success and in educating the public about the importance of local foods and supporting local farms


"The chefs who shop at our market and buy from local farmers have been a principal force in driving the local foods movement. They have made the market what it is today and have helped the market continue to grow. They have that platform - through a plate of good food - to educate people. That plate of local food is the window back to the farm. Chefs have an enormous role in advancing the market and making more local food available for you, the consumer."  Sam Koenigsberg, New Town Farms

... that the musicians who play so beautifully volunteer their time and talents?


We are so grateful for the enjoyment their music brings and for the opportunity to promote the local arts movement. 

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