Saturday, April 17, 2021, 8AM-NOON

Vendors, Products & Weekly Happenings

Please note: cooking demonstrations have been placed on hold due to COVID-19. Please watch this space for updates.

Updated 4/15/21 

Updated 4/15/21 



Thank you for following our safety precautions by:

  • Wearing your face coverings. 

  • Honoring our entry control system by not entering the market until directed by a staff member. The sign is removed once the lines diminish to the point where it's safe to allow free access. 

  • Maintaining adequate social distancing

  • Following any posted signs

  • Staying away if unwell

  • Completing your other shopping before joining a crowded area/long lines. 



Look forward to our Annual Peach Fundraiser in JUNE! Watch this space for more details.



Central patio between 9 and 11am.


This week's musician TBA

Did You Know...?


...Chefs are a catalyst for the market's success and in educating the public about the importance of local foods and supporting local farms


"The chefs who shop at our market and buy from local farmers have been a principal force in driving the local foods movement. They have made the market what it is today and have helped the market continue to grow. They have that platform - through a plate of good food - to educate people. That plate of local food is the window back to the farm. Chefs have an enormous role in advancing the market and making more local food available for you, the consumer."  Sam Koenigsberg, New Town Farms

... that the musicians who play so beautifully volunteer their time and talents?


We are so grateful for the enjoyment their music brings and for the opportunity to promote the local arts movement. 

Check out our guest chefs and musicians from previous Saturdays

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