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Saturday, July 11, 2020 

Respect And Safety

We really appreciate how you've worked with us these past weeks to make your shopping experience safe and enjoyable, in particular the overwhelming number of customers who have followed Governor Cooper's latest requirement to wear a face covering while inside the market. Your respect and responsibility is an attractive feature that can't be hidden behind a mask. We see it and it looks good on you. 


For the time being, the entry control system will continue between 8 am and 9 am. We will continue to monitor the situation between 9 am and 10 am and decide whether any further entry control is necessary. We want to lessen your wait time as soon as possible, while avoiding large crowds inside the market. Once again, we thank you for your patience and respect. 


Avoid lines by pre-ordering and picking up later in the morning. Click HERE for a list of those vendors facilitating pre-orders. If you see several people lined up at one vendor's booth, please consider completing your other shopping before joining that line, especially if you've already pre-ordered with that vendor. Please maintain adequate social distancing as much as possible by adhering to the orange distancing lines painted on the ground and following the signs when lining up at vendors' booths. 


Need A New MCFM T-shirt?

Because the community house has been closed to the public, we haven't been able to facilitate the regular sales of market merchandise. We know how much you love our t-shirts, caps and tote bags, so we'd like to work something out. Please click "Merchandise" below for details of available choices and then email us at with your order by no later than July 11. If we receive enough interest, we'll place an order to replenish our stock with our supplier. 




This week's featured recipe is Baked Chicken Wings With Nonni's Red Pepper Jelly Glaze by Bob and Debi Schiavone (MCFM vendor Nonni's Gourmet Kitchen).

Market Information Table Relocated

The market information table has been relocated to the small grassy area to the left of the entrance to the community house. SNAP/EBT, icepops, water and market information will be available. 


Some Last Minute Reminders...

  • Line up for your peaches to the left of the traffic cones in front of the community house and follow the arrows. 

  • Please do not handle the fruit and allow a volunteer to hand you your purchase.


Vendors attending the market this Saturday (listed alphabetically)

(will be updated 7/9/20)

Annual Peach Fundraiser: Fire Prince. More of this yellow FREESTONE variety. The perfect balance of sweet and tangy, great for fresh eating, canning and freezing.

Baucom's Best: assorted cuts of 100% grass-fed beef.

Beverly's Gourmet Foods: vegan and vegetarian chef-prepared foods.

Big Oaks Natural Farm: Sweet corn (Merit Lite yellow), new potatoes, blueberries, arugula.

Bun Appetit: artisan baked cinnamon buns. Featured flavors: vanilla bean glazed cinnamon bun, apple pie cinnamon bun, caramel pecan sticky bun, lemon curd and blackberry reduction bun. 

Cannizzaro Sauces: marinara, mushroom marinara, vegan marinara, arrabbiata, vodka) and piccata sauce. 

Carolina Baskets & Chair: hand woven baskets, hand crafted decorated gourds, free-range chicken eggs.

Cody Strawberry Farm: blackberries, blueberries. 

Copper Queen Farm: tomatoes (Cherry, Cherokee Purple, limited quantities), eggplant (Japanese and white, limited quantities), green beans, cucumbers (Bush and Burpless, limited quantities), yellow wax beans, blueberries, hot pepper mix (cayenne, jalapeno, habanero, limited quantities), mini bell peppers, Detroit red beets, Danvers carrots, fresh cut flowers (sunflowers, wildflowers, zinnias). 

Ernie's Smokehouse: Hickory wood smoked chopped BBQ beef, apple wood smoked pulled chicken by the lb, Hickory wood smoked pulled pork by the lb, Hickory wood smoked sliced corned beef by the 1/2 lb, KA baked beans, grilled gazpacho,  (8 oz container), Ernie's white coleslaw (8 oz), Ernie's cornbread squares. 

Ferebee Farm: pasture-raised, non-GMO-fed chicken (whole, assorted cuts); limited quantities of both chicken and duck free-range eggs; sheepskins.

Frog Crossin' Pottery: hand crafted pottery. Located next to Carolina Baskets & Chair.

Glen Meadow Farm: local raw honey. 

Gluten-Free Baker's Bench : gluten-free artisan baked goods:  sandwich bread (pre-order only), bread mix, orange cardamom baked doughnuts, brownies with walnuts,vanilla cupcakes, marble coffee cake, coconut muffins, chocolate chip scones, morning glory muffins, peanut butter chocolate chip bars.

Hot Pepper Herb Farm:  peppers (assorted varieties), garlic, blueberries, red and yellow candy onions, last week for broadleaf endive (limited quantity).

New Legacy Farms: Catalyst sweetcorn, Early Girl tomatoes, garlic, cucumbers, blueberries, green beans, cauliflower, zucchini, green cabbage, spring onions, Detroit red beets, carrots; free-range chicken eggs.

New Town Farms: field-grown tomatoes (assorted varieties including heirlooms), leek, eggplant (assorted varieties), cucumbers, potatoes (red thumb fingerlings, purple Viking), carrots (Paris Market, rainbow, orange candy), beets (red, Chioggia), Hakurei turnips, sweet onions (Waxhawlia yellow, white supersweets, purple hamburger), scallions (red, white), Bright Lights Rainbow chard, kale (Lacinato, curly, baby mix), spigarello, cabbages (savoy, green, red), summer squash (yellow patty pan, zucchini, Zephyr squash), white cauliflower, fennel, garlic (hardneck, German red), Salanova lettuce, cut culinary herbs (cilantro, Italian parsley). Forest-raised, non-GMO-fed Ossabaw pork sausage (Italian links, Bratwurst links, breakfast, Italian).

Nonni's Gourmet Kitchen: red and green pepper jelly (6 & 9 oz), cranberry chutney (9 oz), chow chow (1 pint), brittle (nutty, pecan, cashew, spicy pistachio almond). 

Nut Hill Farm: Yellow Crook squash, green zucchini, leek scapes, elephant garlic scapes, garlic, green garlic, Swiss chard, onions w/green tops, Lacinato kale, red-veined sorrel, assorted cut culinary herbs, fresh cut flower bouquets, louffah sponges. 

Single Acre Farm: local raw honey, blackberries, fresh cut flower bouquets, free-range, soy-free-fed chicken eggs. 

Stumpf Gourmet Tomatoes: hothouse tomatoes. 

Summer Star Farms: homestead jams, preserves and syrups. New summer flavor: peach bourbon jam; artisan wood wick candles.

Tega Hills Farm: watercress, Japanese eggplant, Torero beefsteak tomatoes, Toscano kale, sweet Italian peppers,  peppers (sweet Italian, shishito), cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, mixed baby greens, green and red mizuna, cut culinary herbs (dill, parsley, thyme, rosemary, mint, basil, cilantro), tromboncino squash, Italian dandelion, arugula, lettuce (green butter, red butter, green oakleaf, red oakleaf, crisp, and Lollo Rossa), microgreens (purple basil, beets, green and purple radish, arugula, cilantro, Italian basil, rainbow mix), shoots (sunflower, pea), edible flowers, squash blooms, wildflower bouquets (including sunflowers, nasturtiums, snapdragons, zinnias and Queen Anne's Lace).

Toro Loco: fresh gourmet salsas (cantina blended mild, hot and mango), guacamole. Located between Stumpf Gourmet Tomatoes and Dancing Bees Honey Farm.     

Urban Gourmet Farms: fresh mushrooms, including oyster, shiitake, lion's mane, trumpets, maitake. 

Uno Alla Volta: handmade Italian cow's milk cheeses (ricotta, mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, burrata), cottage cheese, goat's milk chevre, yogurt, and cultured butter; fresh pasta; granola. 

Verdant Bread: artisan baked breads (country, sesame, olive, Einkorn, sprouted rye, focaccia, English muffins).

Wild Hope Farm: sweet corn, komatsuna (Japanese mustard), green bell peppers, salad turnips, kale, slicing cucumbers, Fairytale eggplant, shishito peppers; free-range chicken eggs; fresh cut mixed flower bouquets including sunflowers and zinnias.

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Did You Know...?


...Chefs are a catalyst for the market's success and in educating the public about the importance of local foods and supporting local farms


"The chefs who shop at our market and buy from local farmers have been a principal force in driving the local foods movement," says grower Sam Koenigsberg of New Town Farms. "They have made the market what it is today and have helped the market continue to grow. They have that platform - through a plate of good food - to educate people. That plate of local food is the window back to the farm. Chefs have an enormous role in advancing the market and making more local food available for you, the consumer."  

... that the musicians who play so beautifully volunteer their time and talents?


We are so grateful for the enjoyment their music brings.

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