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Saturday, October 3, 2020 

The Freshest Seasonal Produce Around


Our farmers' mission is to bring you the freshest seasonal produce in the area, so at the moment, they are busy tending to their cool season crops. It won't be long before you'll be rewarded with a host of hardy greens piled high on their tables. In the meantime, pick up some beets, radish, lettuce and arugula, in addition to several different Asian greens. Comfortable temperatures are expected this Saturday, so enjoy them while you can and start your weekend off right with a visit to the farmers' market.  

Will be updated 10/1/20

Please note: cooking demonstrations and other events have been placed on hold due to COVID-19. Please watch this space for updates.


We really appreciate how our market family continues to work together to follow our safety precautions. We thank you for your due diligence when wearing your face coverings. For the time being, the entry control system will continue, beginning at 8 am. We will monitor the situation during the morning and discontinue entry control once the lines diminish to the point where it's safe to allow free access.  We want to avoid large crowds to maintain adequate social distancing inside the market. 


We are excited to have local singer-songwriter-musician Nick Wagner return to perform his popular folk and Americana music. 9am to 11am on the central patio.


If you see crowding or several people lined up at one vendor's booth, please consider completing your other shopping before joining that line, especially if you've already pre-ordered with that vendor. You can avoid lines by pre-ordering and picking up later in the morning. Please also maintain adequate social distancing as much as possible by adhering to the orange distancing lines painted on the ground, and by following the posted signs at vendors' booths. Again, thank you for your continued cooperation.


Winecrisp, Fuji, Granny Smith, Golden Delicious. Fresh-pressed apple cider (1/2 and 1 gallon bottles). Located in the tent in front of the community house.

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Did You Know...?


...Chefs are a catalyst for the market's success and in educating the public about the importance of local foods and supporting local farms


"The chefs who shop at our market and buy from local farmers have been a principal force in driving the local foods movement," says grower Sam Koenigsberg of New Town Farms. "They have made the market what it is today and have helped the market continue to grow. They have that platform - through a plate of good food - to educate people. That plate of local food is the window back to the farm. Chefs have an enormous role in advancing the market and making more local food available for you, the consumer."  

... that the musicians who play so beautifully volunteer their time and talents?


We are so grateful for the enjoyment their music brings.

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