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No Pets Policy

Properly Trained Service Animals Permitted*

We love our four legged, furry friends …

However, in order for everyone to have a safe, clean and enjoyable experience, we ask that you please leave your pets at home.  Also appreciate that not everyone is an animal lover or feels comfortable around animals.  An over-excited dog could scare some young and older folks who are unsteady on their feet.  Bear in mind, not all pets get along with strangers or each other, so we'd like to avoid any confrontations.  There are sanitation concerns when dogs are in close proximity to any food being sold and we also wouldn't relish having to clean up after any dogs. 


* In accordance with state and federal laws, we permit service animals.  Service animals are not considered pets, but are trained to perform a specific task to assist the disabled person.  Under the American with Disabilities Act, service animals do not include therapy dogs, emotional support dogs or companion dogs.  Click here for more information.

We thank you so much for your understanding!

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