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1. How can I volunteer at MCFM?

2. Is all produce at MCFM organically grown?

3. Why can't I find all fruits and vegetables at the same time at the farmers' market?       

   (Check out our "What's In Season" page).


4. How do I become a market vendor?

5. What do donations and fundraisers help pay for at the market?

6. Do we allow third parties to solicit/sell/promote in the farmers' market? 

Shopping Tips


1. Read our weekly newsletter so you know what to expect that week.  Sign up here.


2. The market is held outdoors, rain or shine, so dress accordingly.

3. Check out the whole the market so you don't miss a thing.

4. The early bird gets the worm. The market is busiest between 8 and 10 am, so come early for best quality and selection. If you arrive before 8am please line up outside the market front or rear entrance until the bell rings at 8am when a market volunteer will allow you entry.

5. Most vendors accept debit and credit cards.  If using cash...SMALL BILLS ARE KING!

6. Be friendly with the vendors - a little goes a long way. Engage with them, ask questions - they love to share their passion.  

7. Buy something new each time you visit - you'll be surprised how much fun it is.  A kohlrabi may look like something from outer-space, so don't be afraid to ask the grower for cooking tips or recipes. 

8. Touch, sniff and tap the produce. Ask for samples, just don't make a meal of it.  

9. Ask farmers when they expect certain produce to arrive and disappear, so you can plan your meals accordingly. 

10. Learn the secret of seconds - produce that's bruised, nicked or just past its prime. Seconds can be just as good for baking and cooking. They might not be on display, but they're often there if you ask.

12. Remember, ugly produce is still delicious produce.

13. It's not just about produce. We have high quality, naturally-raised meat, poultry and fish that's far superior to what is available in the supermarket, in addition to artisanal foods and crafts. 


14. Bring your cooler in case you aren't heading home immediately.

15. You can never have too much fruit. That's what freezers are for. Check out our annual fruit fundraisers - local peaches in the summer, local apples in the fall- all delivered fresh to the market. 

16. Help the planet by using sturdy shopping bags or baskets instead of plastic. Check out the reusable MCFM tote bags at the Information Table. Each year we commission a new shirt and tote bag design by a local artist! 2021 by Glenn Urieta. 2022 by Renee Garner. 2023 by Doc Reed.

17. Make it a family affair and bring your kids. It's a great opportunity to teach them about sustainable foods.

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